Crohns disease

What is crohns

Crohns disease, also known as regional ileitis, can effect the bowl, mouth and intestine and normally gives you rashes around your mouth, abdominable pain, diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss.


8 responses to “Crohns disease”

  1. bomberknowles says :

    i’m now 9 but i still dont understand it!

  2. Dad says :

    Very good Evie, remember though I can see all this so be a good girl 😉 xx

  3. George Chippendale says :

    I really do wish you all the best wishes Evie. I have 3 daughters and I know they would think you’re great. I know your Dad and he says you’re a fine girl. I love your hat in the photo. I was in hospital last week and I put one on my head! It’s the sort of thing you have to do. Good luck with your progress.

  4. Sally says :

    You are a very brave young lady and inspiration to others. Well done on your writing piece 😊😛😀

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